by Daniel Prust



Blustering Basin

A new abstract acrylic painting, freshly coated in epoxy resin. Available on


A new work in progress! Acrylic ink and paint on an 18″ x 24″ frame wrapped canvas.

“Stately Secrets”

New Abstract Acrylic Painting

New Abstract Acrylic Paintings In Progress

And more to come!

New digital rendering of an old watercolor painting!

Original version:

A brief visual explanation of my recent renders:

Created by digitally layering my sketches and paintings.

“Awakened Imperfections” 

Two sketches digitally layered with some of my abstract acrylic paintings!

Awakened Imperfection (Female):

Another work-in-progress for my upcoming showcase!

SPACES Denver Ballpark, April 14

A new work-in-progress for my upcoming exhibition in Denver, CO!

To see the finished product, come check out my showcase on April 14th at the Inaugural First Friday at SPACES Denver Ballpark. There will be delicious drinks, compelling conversation, and amazing art. Admission is free!


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